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Where Can I Find a Local Chiropractor Near Leongatha For Neck Pain Symptoms?

Chronic neck pain can quickly turn into a debilitating condition and sometimes be associated with headaches. Our neck or cervical spine begins at the base of our skull and ends where our neck meets our shoulders. Given it’s need for flexibility coupled with it’s more delicate structure and  changes with posture it is susceptible to both pain and injury. When there are issues in this area of our body, life can quickly become difficult. Not just with a lack of neck or head movement but also with localized pain or even referred pain into the arm or upper back.

For individuals looking for a local chiropractor in Leongatha  to help with chronic neck pain or headaches, the time might have come to call Country Chiropractor Leongatha.

Neck Pain Solutions From Professional Chiropractors

There are many common conditions and reasons for pain in and around our neck. These may include:

 Injury or Accident — Sudden movements, physical trauma, or even whipping motions can result in injury to the tissues surrounding and supporting the neck and head.

·Age and Degenerative Disorders — Many degenerative disorders present more strongly as we age. Issues such as spinal stenosis and disc degenerative disease may impact the spine, causing neck pain.

·Poor Daily Habits — Bad posture in our day-to-day life can directly impact the health of our neck. Postural stress at our desk, while walking, and when performing our day-to-day duties, including caring for babies and children, can impact us negatively. 

Treatment with a local chiropractor in Leongatha will begin with a health summary and examination. This could include neurological and physical exams to determine the cause of your neck pain and see if further tests, such as X-rays, are needed. Once this is all clarified, Dr. Belinda Hall can then recommend the most appropriate course of chiropractic treatment to help provide relief from your neck pain. This may include gentle manipulation and soft tissue procedures along with advice on stretches and posture.

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The chiropractic team at Country Chiropractor Leongatha is led by Dr. Belinda Hall BAppSc (Chiropractic) MCSc (Paediatrics). With 30 years of experience as a chiropractor, including time spent earning an Masters in Chiropractic Paediatrics, Dr. Hall is uniquely qualified to guide her clients through a personalized treatment plan.